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Talus Compliance Services

We are able to meet all of your compliance requirements whether it be audits, inspections, investigations, WCB case management or client verification.  Our team is trained in completing company audits and conducting investigations.  We can also provide management of WCB programs and client verification programs such as ISNetworld and Complyworks.  Need a site inspection to verify worker compliance?  We can do this as well.


Have you considered the benefits of holding a Certificate of Recognition (COR)? We can provide a gap analysis of your current health and safety program and then work with you to achieve and maintain a COR with the Certifying Partner that best represents your industry. Holding a COR has its advantages including; lower WCB premiums and preferred status on vendor hiring lists.

WCB Case Management

A key component of safety management systems is a progressive injury and disability program. We offer assistance with managing WCB accounts, reportable injuries, lost time claims and modified work programs. Having a program that details what to do in the event of an workplace injury can save your company thousands of dollars. Managing potential lost time injuries through a modified work program is a key component of injury and disability programs.


With over twenty years of investigation experience we can provide both lead and support services for all levels of investigations. We have completed investigation training with the Justice Institute of BC Police Academy and Taproot Root Cause Analysis Systems. Often workplace incidents fail to be investigated completely to determine the underlying cause. Utilizing Taproot investigation techniques we can conclusively determine the root cause of workplace incidents and provide corrective actions to ensure hazards are eliminated and systems improved to ensure workplace safety

Contractor Verification

Most large companies now require contractors to be vetted prior to engaging in work. This vetting process usually includes verify insurance, wcb, safe work procedures, training, emergency response, environmental standards and health and safety programs. Commonly large companies utilize 3rd party companies such as Complyworks and ISNetworld to complete this verification process. We have experience managing contractor accounts in both Complyworks and ISNetworld and understand the complexity of successfully qualifying to provide services. We can help you to successfully meet client requirements and maintain good standing.