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Talus Learning Management Systems

Are you looking for an online application to administer, track, manage, and report on training within and across your organization? Do you also need an application to manage your classroom courses, instructors, and students? How about storage for all your employee’s historical training tickets? Digital site inspection forms? Or competency validation forms? Equipment management? Preventative maintenance? Our EHS software can meet all those needs and much more in one centralized, easy-to-use, cloud-based application.

Online training systems, commonly referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMS), are applications that are used to administer, track, manage, and report on training within and across organizations. Unfortunately, some systems can be difficult to use, complicated to manage, and require months to set up. We can provide all the benefits of an enterprise-level LMS without the complications.

Advanced system features include:

eSafety Program

An informative system walkthrough

The eSafety program is a cloud-base software platform that includes an enterprise level LMS, classroom calendar management system, training records management system and competency validation tracking system

Classroom Management

The classroom calendar works in two ways. First, it allows you to manage your classrooms, instructors, and students across multiple locations and various training courses. Second, it allows your students to access your calendar directly from your intranet or website, allowing them to register for company-specific training events and saving you valuable time and administrative costs!

Training Record Management System

The training record management system allows thousands of classroom and online training records to be instantly uploaded along with image copies of their corresponding certificates. Once records are uploaded, the system automatically monitors, reports on, and notifies users of expiring courses.

Training Matrix

With the fully integrated training matrix, you can map out and manage all your employees’ training requirements by company role, location, and even at an individual level. Once set up, the Matrix will quickly identify and summarize training gaps, direct employees to company-approved classroom training from third-party providers, and automatically assign online courses when required.

Learning Management

Our learning management system allows you to upload popular course types, including SCORM 1.2 and 2004, as well as mainstream media files such as HTML5, MP4, JPEG, PDF, and more. You can also upload certificates and supplemental print materials to each course, which are made available based on logic rules you set for each course. A great example is setting up certificates to only become available after achieving a set pass mark calculated by our integrated exam engine.

Digital Forms

Using our advanced online forms, administrators can digitally re-create almost any company form and distribute it electronically throughout their company. These forms are fully integrated, giving you the ability to tie them directly into existing system functionality. For example, you can integrate a competency validation form directly into an online course so that, once users complete the online theory portion, the form is sent to their manager or supervisor to perform a competency validation portion for the training. These two parts are automatically combined to release a certificate that incorporates the competency validation.

Course Library

Using this software application allows you to access training from our centralized network of training providers. Get instant access to more than one thousand online courses and training topics from leading safety training organizations.

In addition to these advanced systems, our LMS platform has several other features, for a free demonstration
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